Connecting Farmers with Customers

We have a platform to find what is growing at a farm near you


Order produce from a farm for delivery or local pick-up.

Farms sell a variety of items from their own FarmersTable Storefront:

  • Fresh Picked Produce
  • Baked Goods
  • Jams, Juice and Jellies
  • Eggs and Milk
  • And more...

Find Farms


Free for farms to join and begin selling to local customers.

Getting started:

  • DoorDash delivery is included
  • Farms earn 100% of the sale cost
  • Does your farm offer a CSA program? Contact us
  • We promote our platform to customers in your area

Farm Registration


Local delivery option is provided by DoorDash.

When an order is placed:

  • Get notified when an order is placed by email
  • Default delivery delay is 2 hours from when an order is placed
  • Customers receive a tracking link via text message
  • Farms can choose their hours for local deliveries

Frequently Asked