Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions carefully as they govern the use of our services between you and FarmTab.


  • Merchant, refers to farmers, producers, and growers of items listed on the website.
  • Customer, refers to anyone purchasing items listed on the website.
  • Order, refers to requests made to FarmTab. Order requests are fulfilled by payment by means such as credit card, Stripe or other electronic form.
  • Platform, refers to the website.

1. Using the Platform:

Merchants are independent of the FarmTab Platform, we do not control the quality of the produce sold by Merchants, nor do we control the products offered by Merchants, we simply provide a means as to which a customer can select items of their choice through our Platform and Order the items to purchase from the Merchant.

Merchants are allowed to use the Platform to sell the produce they already offer through the Platform. Merchants receive payment once an order is Placed by a Customer. A completed order means when a Customer purchases produce with payment through the Platform, and the order is delivered to the Customers location successfully.

FarmTab does not sell produce nor is FarmTab in the business of selling produce. We are in the business of connecting Merchants to Customers through our online Platform.

A transaction made on the Platform is between the Customer and the Merchant. FarmTab is not a retail food establishment. FarmTab will pay the Merchant on the Customers behalf on all Orders placed on the Platform.

2. Delivery:

FarmTab is not in the business of delivery. Through our Platform Customers can place an Order for items offered by Merchants, our Platform connects your Order to be fulfilled by a third-party delivery vendor. The fee for delivery is included in the cost of the Order. Once an order is placed the fee processed for delivery is non-refundable.

There is a one-hour lead time from when an Order on our Platform is placed for delivery and when the third-party fulfillment partner for deliveries is notified to complete the Order. Orders placed for delivery can be tracked via SMS text messages. All standard text messaging rates apply. In the instance you have an issue with the delivery or the delivery never arrives please send us a message through our support page.

3. Orders and Conditions:

We do not check the quality of the produce sold by Merchants. Merchants are responsible to ensure the quality of the produce sold from their location. All sales from Merchants that require licensure, certification and/or inspection from a food regulator are between the Customer and Merchant.

The produce sold by Merchants through our Platform is meant for direct-to-consumer use, and is not intended for wholesale or food-service use.

Any issues or complaints from the Customer about the items received must be brought to the attention of the Merchant. It is their sole responsibility to resolve these issues. Merchants may reach out to FarmTab for assistance in handling Customer complaints if they so need to.

We cannot guarantee that the items sold on our website will be available at every Merchant location. When there is any item out of stock at a chosen Merchant location, it is the Merchant’s responsibility to choose a replacement item that is of equal or greater value than the original Order made by the Customer. We call this the “Farmer’s Choice” substitute. The Customer fully understands that their Order may not be fulfilled exactly as the Order is placed due to the nature of the Merchants stock of items sold and accepts that replacement items may be a part or complete of their fulfilled Order.

Merchants cannot substitute out-of-stock Orders with meat, fish, eggs, dairy, any animal bi-product, non-edible items, baked goods, drinks, or frozen items. In addition merchants cannot substitute out-of-stock Orders with any restricted items such as items that require a certain age to consume like: alcohol, tobacco, hemp, marijuana, and any federally illegal drugs. Merchants will be promptly reported to the authorities if any illegal substances or restricted items were used as a "Farmer's Choice" substitute for a Customer Order.

It is the Customers responsibility to properly fill out the address of their location when placing an Order for delivery. This would be the location that the delivery driver will arrive at with the items that were Ordered on the Platform.

Once an Order is received it is the Customers responsibility to retrieve the items that were delivered. It is the Customers responsibility to provide a safe location for the delivery of items. It is the Customers responsibility to properly store these items so they do not degrade. FarmTab does not claim responsibility for any stolen items, degraded items, or the product's condition after successful delivery to the Customers location.

4. Service fees, processing fees, and tax fees:

FarmTab charges a service fee for Orders placed on this Platform. Orders placed for delivery through our third-party fulfillment partners have their own set rates that vary from each individual delivery. These fees will be displayed at checkout prior to the Customer placing their Order. Merchants do not have to pay for delivery, it is the Customers responsibility to pay for delivery fees.

Payments to Merchants are handled via a third-party electronic payment processor such as Stripe. These third-party processors have their own fees respectively, it the Merchant’s responsibility to pay for these processor fees.

We make it clear which items sold on our Platform that are not exempt from taxes. We charge tax fees on our products and services when applicable by law.

5. Refunds and returns:

After an order has been received we will payout the amount received by FarmTab to the Merchant respectively, excluding any fees made to the payment processor. Payment processor fees are non-refundable. The fees paid for delivery are non-refundable. We process payments on all Orders within 24 hours of purchase and payout to the merchant prior to retrieval of the items from the Merchants location. All sales are final once placed on the Platform.

If there are items that were not received Customers should bring this to the attention of the Merchant. It is the Merchant’s responsibility to reach out to FarmTab during a refund dispute from a Customer. Our support team can help further expedite both full and partial refunds within 24 hours of the purchase. Merchants, please contact our support team via the support page.

If a refund is issued, FarmTab may refund the Customer on the Merchants behalf. We may then collect the refunded amount owed to FarmTab from the Merchant.

After the 24 hour period there will be no issuable refunds from FarmTab. Due to perishability of the produce sold through our Platform, we along with our Merchants are not capable of receiving returns on items sold through the Platform.